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We require identity, phone and email verification.

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Our users are actually searching for a coliving space to join.

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Once the booking is confirmed, we collect the first month's rent and the security deposit.

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24 hours after the resident moves in, we notify you of your payout.
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Residents of coliving spaces typically range between 18 and 40 years old (Millennials and Gen Z). Coliving is particularly popular in cities and urban spaces where housing is costly and limited.

Young professionals


Founders and entrepreneurs

Interns and new graduates

Freelancers and developers

Digital nomads and remote workers makes it easy for you to find the right residents

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Add your properties


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Get paid 24 hours after check-in


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We only make money when you make money

We charge a small commission per confirmed booking.
Up to 6 months
From 6-12 months
Over 12 months
A fixed price per lead and/or conversion is also optional in some circumstances.


We only approve on average 20% of applications

Professional coliving operator

Your company runs safe, high-standard shared homes that focus on community.

6 beds or more

The minimum amount of people to form a meaningful community-feeling.

Flexible lease

No one likes long commitments. Coliving stays starts from 1 month.

All bills included

Taxes, gas, electricity, water, utilities, tv, internet, etc. needs to be included.

Shared common areas

Friendships are built in the kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Like minded community

You can easily describe which type of people your coliving is targeting.

Fully furnished

A new resident should be able only to bring a suitcase to move in.

Fast Wi-Fi

Residents expect to reliably communicate with the outside world.

Property Management System

To manage your residents, availability, payments, and reporting.


No contract is required. If you are not happy, you can simply delete your listing and life goes on. When you add an account with us, you accept our Terms. That is enough for us!

Sure, he/she might not have given enough info for you to judge if they are a good fit for your community. You may start a chat to get more info from them. Then when ready, you can click "Accept", "Decline" or "Change" booking.

Normally, we will check the listing and decide within 48 hours.

We recommend that you contact an existing coliving operator and make an agreement directly. We do not offer these kinds of services.

We pay our expenses by charging a commission/fee from each booking that is done through our site.

Sure, you may follow this link to read more. connects you with the ideal residents without any additional marketing expenses.

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