Co-living within Society

“Co-living within Society” focuses on the relations between different communities/ identities in a society, and explores new ways of communication through shared experiences in daily lives, in which different groups of people act mutually in their any economic, social, and cultural activities. The cases proposed to be studied are: Migration (internal-external), social-class equality, and gender equality.

A note:
The number of refugees in Turkey increased rapidly after the start of the war in Syria. But even before the crisis in Syria, Turkey has been a transit way for refugees from neighboring countries due to its geographical location at the crossroads of three continents. Many refugees prefer the Aegean coast and Izmir because it can serve as a springboard to reach Europe, especially due to the proximity of the Turkish coast to several Greek islands. In 2016, approximately 30.000 illegal immigrants were taken into custody by the Izmir Police, of which around %75 were refugees from Syria. The number of officially recognized refugees in Izmir is over 90.000.

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