Co-living with Heritage

“Co-living with Heritage” focuses on the complex relationship between people and heritage (and in a larger sense ‘cultural memory’) in an attempt to explore new ways of engaging with the past and learning from it. How can aspects of cultural heritage (both tangible and intangible) become more integrated into the daily life of the city? The cases proposed to be studied are: Agora-Basmane-Kemeraltı region as the ancient and historic center, industrial heritage of Izmir (electrical plant, Sümerbank, Tekel plant), and the population exchange in the history of Izmir.

A quote:
Being a welcoming city throughout history, Izmir is also a longed for city. İncirlioğlu (2017) states in Meltem Journal: “Smyrna also has a very special place in Armenian, Jewish, Levantine and especially Greek imagination, a mixture of sadness and pride, of feelings projected to a distant past by the descendants of Smyrniots all over the world”.